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Marcus Martinez Massage Therapist

From an early age I have been a highly active person, from cycling

and swimming to skateboarding.  As I have got older, this has also translated into an interest into the body’s ability to recover from exercise, illness or injury. With four children, I need to be able to keep up the pace!

A passion for wanting to do ‘something with my hands’ in a field I was truly interested

in and fascinated by, led, after some personal research, directly to sports and remedial massage therapy. In this I have found a career I am absolutely dedicated to, and am motivated to become one of the best in my field.

I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, physiology, sports massage and sports injuries. I have acquired the skills and knowledge to treat a wide variety of conditions through my career to date, achieving successful outcomes with a broad variety of presenting conditions from runners, cyclists, triathaletes, skaters and even musicians.

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As a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, I can help individuals achieve their short and long term goals.  I firmly believe that providing clients with massage and therapeutic exercises is a vital component in improving the efficacy of movement and aiding recovery between activities.  In addition an awareness of their gait, postural sets and way they complete any form of activity can give clients insight into ways to improve or adapt their approach.

I am a fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist and a full member of both the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage.

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